Structural Composite Technologies Ltd. is a leading fibreglass fabricator serving the
needs of a broad range of industries. We provide design, engineering and  manufacturing expertise specifically related to fibreglass reinforced plastic products and process equipment.

NEW – We don’t make windows; we make windows better.

Omniglass SCT is now doing business alongside Structural Composite Technologies in our state-of-the-art plant in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Omniglass SCT is a leading manufacturer of fiberglass components for window and door frames for window and door manufacturers across North America, using patented processes and proprietary technology resulting in quality, durable and environmentally friendly products.

Omniglass SCT is the latest to align with Structural Composite Technologies. Since our incorporation in 1961, we have designed, engineered and manufactured custom fabricated fibreglass reinforced plastic equipment for mining, milling, smelting, refining, processing and manufacturing companies both at home and abroad.

Our product line includes: tankage of all descriptions, pipe, fittings, duct work, stacks, scrubber systems, cooling towers, process equipment, covers, electrolytic cells, fans, blowers, transformer pads, vehicle components, electrical components, architectural structures, shower stalls, and bathtubs.

Our services include: consulting, engineering, design, custom fabrication, assembly, installation, on-site and in-house repair and service, training, and inspection.